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HTA Building Investigations

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Health and Condition Testing or Determining Construction Details. HTA have the expertise to test and investigate all construction materials by employing a variety of techniques and technology.

Buildings Investigations require a Multi Disciplined & Skilled Approach and by employing HTA we remove the necessity of having multiple companies on site and the required management of various operations.

HTA - Building Investigations

We maximise projects & minimise problems
with our full remit of services
alongside provisional reports within 24 hours

Building Services covered include

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
    Reducing intrusive works with the use of advanced NDT
  • Tomography (Ultrasonic)
    Reducing intrusive works with the use of advanced NDT
  • Regent Street Disease
    Ensure the facade is not failing via corrosion of embedded metal work
  • Building Investigation Works
    Accurately determining health and or construction of buildings
  • Structural Load Testing
    Dynamic and proof load testing of floors and walls
  • UKAS Concrete Investigations
    Testing condition, determining construction type strength & corrosion rates
  • Masonry Investigations
    Reducing Intrusive works via NDT; vital for Historical Buildings
  • Steel & Metallic Elements
    Ultra-sonic testing plus type, strength, weldability and form discovery
  • Ground Investigations
    Trial pit, coring, ground investigations and bore holes
  • Foundations & Slab
    Trial pit, coring, ground investigations and bore holes
  • Cladding inc. ‘HAC’
    Testing condition and connection plus determining cement type
  • RAAC
    Detection and condition of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete
  • Lift Shafts & Escalators
    M&E works from London Underground to the British Museum
  • Paint Inspections
    ICORR inspections, determination of type adherence and contaminants
  • Roof Investigations
    PASMA & IPAF certificated engineers determining condition and form
  • Timber & Wood Components
    Determination of stress grade, type, decay process on wood components

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Director of Henderson Thomas Associates Limited (HTA) I welcome you to connect with me and ask any questions about HTA and those we have worked alongside and completed projects for. I have been working in the testing and inspection division covering civil engineering sector for over 30 years and have run some of the largest Materials and Testing Laboratories in the UK prior to forming Henderson Thomas Associates Limited