GPR Survey in Scotland


Harbour Wall Investigation – the following highlights the work carried out on this Ground Penetrating Radar Survey.


  • Ground Penetrating Radar Survey
  • NDT reporting


3 Days | Dayshift | 1 Team


  • GPR (Proceq GPR Live & GSSI StructureScan™ Mini)

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Today there is a fundamental lack of understanding of the technology that can aide in the investigation of a post tensioned bridge assessments.

Hidden voidage detection is complex in nature and employment of technology is vital. Therefore, its application will always demand experienced and trained engineers are carrying out such work.

1. Not all NDT is created equal
All GPR units and Ultrasonic devices are not created equally, plus GPR will not work in all instances and the same goes with ultrasonics.

It is vital to know when to apply one device over the other and often a blend of both is required for the most accurate data. 

2. Setup determines Effectiveness
These devices are not plug and play. A set-up too far one way and what your testing can appear as though there are no defects / voids, a set-up at the opposite will show major problems.

Understanding how to set-up and know what you are reading is a reflection of what is expected on the asset that is being scanned is vital. The data required will be determining remedial works or asset closure due to danger to life damage.

Effective use ONLY comes from training and hands on experience.

3. Know how to interpret on site data.
It is paramount to know what you are looking at on the screen and whether that correlates with the what is known about the structure being tested. This must be done on site.

A 3rd party cannot accurately determine data after the event and also cannot make an important judgement call.

Warren Thomas

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