Investigations on & Near Water

HTA Investigations On & Near Water

Experienced, Trained & Certified Teams

Be site safe with our; DEFRA 2 (swift water & flood first responders SFR) and RYA 2 Speed Boat Handlers

Our engineers can carry out Inspections, Investigations and Testing to structures that require the use of a boat and or pontoon to safely access any particular element.

HTA have experienced, trained and certificated Pontoon and Boat handlers, plus where necessary can provide scaffold, roped and under bridge access.

Water related projects are multi-discipled and need multi-skilled staff
requiring an array of equipment
HTA can provide the full service saving you time money and hassle

HTA working on and near water

HTA are also able to supply all relevant safety and rescue equipment necessary for working above water and we can supply an underwater inspection / Topographic (TOPO) services if so required for structures adjacent to rivers and coastal areas.

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Director of Henderson Thomas Associates Limited (HTA) I welcome you to connect with me and ask any questions about HTA and those we have worked alongside and completed projects for. I have been working in the testing and inspection division covering civil engineering sector for over 30 years and have run some of the largest Materials and Testing Laboratories in the UK prior to forming Henderson Thomas Associates Limited